Lend-Lease Celebrations

Pictures from the 70th Anniversary Lend-Lease Celebration. Fairbanks; November 17, 2012.
Фотографии из 70ой годовшиной АлСиб трассы. 

Our Lend Lease celebrations were well attended, (around 175 people), informative and entertaining.  Many thanks to COL Freitag, the US Army Alaska Deputy Commander, and his wife Patty Freitag,  and the Ben Eielson High School ROTC Color Guard for their assistance with our Memorial Ceremony, We had some wonderful presenters in Dermot and Terence Cole, Brian Kassof, Pete Haggland, Lisa Graham and Natalie Lukianof. Fascinating audience participation! Sister City Committee members Marilyn Berglin, Jean Anderson, Dave and Kay Henry, Heidi Kristenson, Nancy Baker, Jim Brader, Matt Varga, Odin Miller all contributed in numerous ways.  We are grateful for the support of  cosponsoring community organizations Tanana-Yukon Historical Society, Cultural Resources Office Ft. Wainwright, Pioneer Air Museum.   Festival Fairbanks, KJNP, KUAC, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau all helped immeasurably with publicity and logistic support. And thanks to Terry and Mark Chapin, Mike LaDouceur, and Becky Hassebroek for last-minute backup support.

What is a Sister City?

President Eisenhower held a conference in 1956 that led to the concept of a sister city as the “main cog” of citizen diplomacy. Many early sister city relationships formed out of the post WWII aid programs to Western Europe. The relationships that endured, however, were based on cultural or educational reasons that developed lasting friendships. Many sister city relationships are coordinated through a national non-profit, Sister Cities International. The mission statement of this organization is to “Promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, & cooperation — one individual, one community at a time.”

The Fairbanks-Yakutsk Sister City partnership aims to promote cultural, intellectual, and economic exchange between Fairbanks and Yakutsk. It is also concerned with promoting mutual awareness of the two cities among residents of Fairbanks and Yakutsk.

Fairbanks Facts

City Founded: 1901
FNSB Population: 98,660 (2009 est.)
FNSB Area: 7366 sq mi; (19,078 km2)
Density: 13.4/sq mi (5.17/km2)
Location: Alaska, United States
July Average Temps: 52-73F (11-23C)
January Average Temps: 0- -19F (-18- -28C)
Record High: 99F (37C)
Record Low: -66F (-54C)

Факты о Фербенксе

Основан: 1901
Население городского округа (FNSB):
98 660 ч. (оценка 2009-го г.)
Площадь городского округа: 19 078 км2
Плотность: 5.17/км2
Местоположение: Аляска, США
Средные июльские температуры,
°C: 11-23
Средные январские температуры,
°C: -18 - -28
Абсолютно максимальная температура,
°C: 37
Абсолютно минимальная температура,
°C: -54

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Yakutsk Facts

Founded: 1632
Population: 210,642
Area of City: 47.1 sq mi (121.93 km2)
Density: 4,500/sq mi, (1,728 /km2 )
Location: Sakha Republic, Russia
July Average Temps: 54-77F (12-25C)
January Average Temps: -33 - -45F (-36 - -43C)
Record High: 100 (38C)
Record Low: -83F (-64C)

Факты о Якутске

Основан: 1632
Население городского округа: 210,642
Площадь городского округа: 121.93 км2
Плотность: 1,728/км2
Местоположение: Республика Саха
(Якутия), Россия
Средные июльские температуры,
Средные январские температуры,
°C: -36 - -43
Абсолютно максимальная температура,
°C: 38
Абсолютно минимальная температура,
°C: -64

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This year marks 30 years since the first official contacts between the Mayors of Yakutsk and Fairbanks.  Let's celebrate! We are working on a photo album of pictures from our thirty years of exchanges. If you have pictures you feel would be interesting, please let me know at mimi.chapin@gmail.com.  

Check our Facebook Page, Yakutsk Fairbanks for pictures of the 2019 Victory Day Celebration

We are putting in a proposal for an exchange of students interested in learning more about the Alaska Siberia route of the Lend Lease Program and our sister city program.

We  are working to make our domain name, fairbanks-yakutsk.org point to this browser!